Jack Booted Black Helicopters (Vegan Special Forces)

If you ever been confused by Repuglican behavior or thoughts, study this cartoon, and see their basic fears - and mindset - laid out in ink. Smart talking women? Bad. UN? Bad. Why? Who knows - they're coming to take your hog farm! Vegan French Lesbians will steal away everything you value as a red blooded American Freedom loving patriot (Southerners and wannabes only). Somehow. Probably taxes and that Al Gore. He invented the internet, amirite? HAHAHAHA. Pussy.

Or maybe they should be afraid. Behold a rare picture of a Vegan Special Force member, "Walter Bond". That's his codename, no doubt. He's hardcore Vegan, and he will kill you if you eat that burger. For life!
Speaking of killing you, this is Kooku, a special BIRTHDAY ORANGUTANG! And like all orangutangs, he's Vegan, and will rip out your arms if you use dairy.

These are the shocktroops of the Vegan Army that wants nothing more than to take away your Fatback and Chicken Fried Ham. And they cannot be denied....

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