Randy "The Macho Man" Savage died this past 5/20 due to a heart attack while driving. I had the opportunity to post an elegy that day - since as an old, long ago wrestling fan, I knew of some of the Macho Man's wrasslin' deeds, but I knew him more through the pop culture adoption of some of his memes. His catch phrase and sponsorship of that beef jerky product - you know the one - spread his persona into the common culture where it became, "a thing". A small thing, to be sure, but a thing none the less. I myself did a Macho Man impression from 1995 - 1999. OOH YEAH! Which is really just stealing Kool Aid Guy's line. Remember him?
(Tangent: What's up with Kool Aid Guy? I mean, he's naked, right? And has poured "himself" into a mini pitcher - which he then serves to children. Is the small pitcher Kool Aid Guy's child? Is the beverage itself their blood? And what's with the ice cubes? How do they always stay frozen? I could go on....)

But that's pop culture for you.

Macho Man has lived and spread on the Interweb like most absurd things, and you'll see his trademark costume at the occasional Halloween party or Comic-Con. Why? Why not - it's fun!

And fun is what Macho Man brought, and this World needs fun, Danny.

Oh yeah - I could have posted this on 5/20, and I strongly considered it, but it got bumped by that day's big news on the Redshirt Gazette - the funtimes 5/21 Notpocalypse. Remember that?

Naw, me neither. Oh well...

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