LOL Jesus

See, there's this thing on the Intertubes called LOL Jesus - go ahead, look it up. You'll see photos like these:
It's absurdist humor, like much on the web. Which suits me fine, as I savor the absurd like a hot cup of soy.
Quite the shark. They called him The Nazareth Natural, back in the day.
Jesus had a wicked wrist shot.
This trick works really well, especially if you're subtle about it, unlike Jesus here. Start making small talk with the cashier or whomever before money is exchanged, so that by the time it comes out you can introduce a few numbers into your smalltalk - three towns over there were these four guys who tied two trailers together using a role of rubber. For example.

Bonus non LOL Jesus pic:


l.e.s.ter said...

That last Jesus would have been a great alternative to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at the end of Ghostbusters. Harry Dean Stanton could have played the role.

Redshirt said...

I'd prefer a "Godzilla v. Jesus" movie from Japan circa 1964.