A Tale of Two Times

These are the so called "Sentinelese" people  - they surely call themselves something else. No one knows, as there's been no long lasting encounters, since the Sentinelese are extremely aggressive towards any intruders. With good reason, perhaps.

They live in a stone age culture, with no made metal tools (there are found metal tools), no agriculture, no tech other than rocks and jungle. Check out their wiki. It's so cool when you consider it, since they are living much like all people lived some 20 to 25,000 years ago, before the city, before the fortress, before organized much of anything. Most of human history lies during this long era. This is where we evolved.

We - the people on the boats off the shore, taking pictures and trying to make contact (now - imagine back in ye olde days of raping and pillaging) - must be so strange and alien to these people. I wonder what they call us - do they even think we are people, or some strange aliens/gods?

But the Sentinelese are already doubtlessly spoiled from their long Stone Age innocence, since they've seen our boats, discovered our trash, seen our planes flying high and not so high overhead. It seems only a matter of time before all the so called "uncontacted" peoples are contacted, since we - modern man - are a scourge upon this poor planet and won't stop till we've burned it all up.

Stay strong Sentinelese!


Joey Polanski said...

Four out of five Sentinelese don't believe in evolution.

And 80% of 'em support Rick Perry for Chieftain.


Redshirt said...

Sentinele for Sentinelese!