These are the Voyages

Bravo to the dude who, so many movies ago, came up with the meme: Hey! Let's make a porn parody! And thus, a never ending stream of puns was born.

Of course, there are parody Star Trek porns - go ahead and ask the Great GIS, if you dare. You probably shouldn't. Unless that's your thing. Anyways:
I've heard surprisingly good things about this one - regarding the production quality. I mean, look at those actors - they had to fly in the bald dude from England! They've got the whole TNG cast, in porn version. Including, I'll note, shapely Ensign Ro.

I'd never heard of this one before GIS told me. However, from my brief perusal, the production qualities are not as good.

There should be a "Hef Law": Any technology will first be used for porn. I bet the first piece of data sent on the internet was ( @ Y @ ). Or not. I won't take that bet.

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