Happy Almost Belated Captain Picard Day!

Redshirt's Lament - don't forget. We're all doomed to die. In fact, we are born to die - Life is fatal. Defined, in part (with so much more), by death. You have to die to be considered alive. Right? So don't fret. Accept your place, your role in the grand display: A bit part, no doubt, just background fodder, really, like so many Redshirts throughout human history (only some 200,000 years total - think about it considered to any other scale you wish to consider), but, collectively, we matter. Of course. We are alive, and so blessed to be - you get it, right? We're all the Lucky Ones, the ones who made it, who were made, and born, and survived to adulthood to inflict grandchildren back on the Mother - don't worry, you'll get your turn.

But yeah, with legions of redshirts, there always happens to be a select few in charge - Generals and Colonels and Captains and Gang Leaders, and so on - any and all leadership positions within the local tribe. And sometimes this Leader is wise, and smart, and sly, and leads his people to great success. Other times, though, the Leader is not so wise, and perhaps foolish, and stupid, and leads his people into great distress. At other times, of course, it's some mixture of these two poles. And what then? Just hope you get a wise Leader.

Like Jean Luc Picard. Today's still his day, and herewith I celebrate Captain Picard, the Best Captain.
He's sent his fair share of redshirts to their deaths, no doubt, but not as many as previous Captains, I'd say!
A Red Shirt, but not a redshirt, of course. Picard is the Leader, and since we're celebrating his day, here's some Picard Art:

Perhaps "Engage" was the catch phrase with the most long lasting impact.
Baldness defines Picard, much like a "Take Back the Night" march. Lost, but still potent. Watch:
Yeah, we're all made of wax and/or sugar, aren't we? I mean, we're all gonna melt away one day, right? So why not put up a good fight, like Jean Luc - Happy Your Day, man!
Don't watch this movie, it's terrible and might ruin everything you love about Trek.


Blue Collared Snob said...

I always enjoyed Captain Picard Day, it isn't as commercial as Commander Riker Day.

Redshirt said...

More tea and biscuits, less trombones and holodeck hookers.

Blue Collared Snob said...

You make it sound more like Mardi Gras except for the holodeck paart.

Redshirt said...

I don't know what Commander Riker Day parties you went to, but yeah, Mardi Gras (Riker Gras) is a good way to describe mine. Rikernalia.

Blue Collared Snob said...

Riker Gras or Fat Riker is an apt name. Unfortunately since being promoted Captain and getting married I am sure Riker Gras doesn't take on the same fun that it used to have.

Which reminds me, your comments on Star Trek:Nemesis made me want to ask if you had watched Mr Plinkett's review of said movie at I have to say he does some of the most humorous and spot on reviews of the Star Trek TNG movie francise.

Redshirt said...

Have you seen Riker lately? Scroll down if not. He's livin' large, y'all.

As for Nemesis, I found it so painful I don't think I could I could even listen to a mocking review. Dune Buggies?

Blue Collared Snob said...

I don't blame Riker for living large I imagine he gets royalty checks in the mail all the time. Though he probably shouldn't buy anymore t-shirts from truck stops in Oklahoma.

I know, I know but this guys is great he mentions the Dune Buggy thing plus a lot of other details. Come on RS a little trust, if you don't like the review you can always send back the unused portion for a refund.

Redshirt said...

For a Blue Shirt, I will try.

And no doubt - Fat Riker deserves to get as fat as he wants. He's earned it!