Confused Friends (Forever)

It was a lopsided relationship. Rex had all the brains, and plenty of wiles, but Chilly had 600 or so extra pounds. Despite best intentions, as they say. Wait, do they say that? Anyways, Rex became dinner one day, but really, was it a surprise? The whole pack warned him, but did he ever listen? Nooooo! Alpha Male and all that. Ha! Alpha Alpo more like it.

Also too:
Speaking of Alpha Males, Lions are the best of all respective dudes. Big ass golden beards, man - who among us wouldn't want that? Lay around all day, have sex with different lionesses (as many as possible, thanks), wait for the chicks to kill something than saunter in and get the pick of the fresh carcass. Maybe eat some other dude's kids once in a while. Sweet living, right? Human males, by contrast, have to work and work and "provide" and stay monogamous (mostly), along with the typical fighting and displays of Alphaness, or lack thereof. And there's a distinct lack of baby eating.

S'not fair, amirite?

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