Sexy Redshirts

The original. And the best - do you remember her dance of seduction? No life form could resist it.
Blue is such a lovely color. And who wouldn't want an extra pair of sensors? Would that not fundamentally alter how you perceive and interact with the world? For instance, maybe you could pick up way more frequencies than with just ears, giving you incredible hearing - radar like - hearing other life form's heart beats, for example, and being able to instinctively gauge their emotional levels via blood pressure and pulse. That would certainly complicate social structures, and require a complex brain.
Theory: A society is defined by its sexual traditions. Since everything every life form does revolves around sex (and food, but even that is in service to sex - since, why else are we here? Except those asexual reproducers, the poor sods), how could it not be so? Everything we do or say or even are can be traced directly back to sex, since that's what sexually reproducing organisms (collectively) MUST do, by genetic LAW: Reproduce. Otherwise, life dies, the genes die, and that's The End.

So go get laid!

Or, also too:
Fret not: Every redshirt can find love. And what's love but code for sex?


l.e.s.ter said...

Nichelle Nichols, appearing in Parsippany the last weekend of this month! (45 years of Star Trek, Riker will be there, too!)

Redshirt said...

You should go, if for no other reason the many wonderful photos you could take.

The guy that played the original Gorn will be there too. And Trip - watch out for the Trip lovers.