A canvas of life (getting bigger)

Breeding is art via flesh, working traits and physical characteristics through the generations, sculpting a new creature into this world of miracles. Dog breeding has been a genetic science for some time, and is evolution in action. All dogs - from the smallest Chihuahua to this monster Irish Wolf Hound - are very related to wolves. They can still interbreed, which means of course they are the same species, but wolves and domesticated dogs are quite different, as we all know. Barking, for example. I read on the interweb today that dog barking is a human influenced evolutionary change in behavior. Wolves don't bark, the adults at least - child wolves do, for attention. And is that not what we've taught our dogs to do? And so through the many generations barking became a genetic behavior lasting into adulthood, since it was rewarded. Evolution in action, in the span of 10-20,000 years or so. And thus consider the many hundreds of thousands, of millions and billions of years evolution has worked through life on Earth. Thus, whales were once hippo-like creatures roaming the land. Just for example - never forget our Monkey brethren!

EVOLUTION people! That this is a debatable subject across America, and sadly spreading across the world, is testament to the ignorant power of Religion.

Cat breeding is a different subject entirely. But still, progress continues, albeit slowly. Giant Maine Coon, y'all!
Could be a trick of perspective, small lady, but still, that's one big cat.

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