I don't really love that Dirty Water

Yeah, hockey! That was fun. Like all sports except Baseball, hockey is a form of football, plus some basketball and American football. On Ice. I enjoyed watching the Bruins playoff run and might become a full time hockey fan. Well, actually, probably not, but it's fun to contemplate. I mean, really: Defining yourself by mega million sports corporations? Lame.

For example:
This is Sully. Or Murph. Or Fitz. He's defined by this artificial tribe that's been created over the last 20 or so years: Boston, sports, Irish, etc. I'm sure he'll love the tats in the year 2033.

It's all symbols, fluffery, distractions. Distractions have their role, no doubt, but as a primary focus, not so good.

This is a thing, by the way, that was no doubt born circa 2003, 2004 with the Red Sox run for the championship: Believe. I want to Believe. Believe in Boston. Believe in flimsy tribal allegiances to drive sales.

This is the Wheel of Karma, of course. But also another "Sully's" brand Boston product. $$$

Having moved back to Boston in 2000, I've witnessed firsthand all the major sports championships, and the subsequent "Celebrations". And I propose the reaction of the Boston Police to the these celebrations over the years parallels the changes in America as a whole. As in - 2001, the police were totally caught off guard, and the Sullys went joyously wild. By 2004, the black clad Storm Trooper look had been perfected, but not the tactics - the Troopers were caught in a defensive position, and lashed out, killing a few, injuring many. By 2005, they learned to be "preemptive", sealing off all the Celebratory areas ahead of the game's finale. 2007 and 2008 (Red Sox, Celtics) featured a jaded, tired, going through the motions pantomime of the riots of 2001-2004. No one was really into it. And now, 2011, so much has changed. Gone was the black armor riot gear. Gone were the preemptive squad lines. Gone was the clubbing and gas and sandbag guns. I just watched in some disbelief on the TeeVee the Boston cops, in reflective orange safety jerseys, calmly guiding drunken Sully's off the T entrance, even helping them climb down. The news hairs were agog, they kept describing the evening as "Community Policing" as opposed to "Militaristic" tactics.

Yeah. Exactly. And I know why:

Obama. He's the antidote to the craziness of 2000-2008, and it's working. Slowly but surely, we, as an artificial tribe called America, are pulling back from the brink. Believe it.

Peace and Love and Lack of Burning Cars, y'all.

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