Inflatable War Dolls (Begun the Drone Wars have)

Credit: Some dude on the internet. It's quite awesome, and, I posit, an apt metaphor (let it linger) for the wars to come: Imperial Robots bombing the heck out of all manner of dusty villages across the "3rd" world, for "peace" or whatever the selling point is of the day, with the glorification of "Our Heroes" sacrosanct. Blow up dolls for our HEROES!

For example, look at this little guy, the Drone Hummingbird.
It's very small - just a few feet long. Used for spying, but don't you worry - if bombs can be strapped to it, Imperial War Scientists will find a way.


l.e.s.ter said...

If bombs can be strapped to a Drone Hummingbird, then so can flowers. That's my prediction: US makes friends by dropping floral arrangements on the "3rd" world. This is based on a thorough understanding of human nature. Also I am shrooming.

Redshirt said...

That must be the drugs talking. Clearly, we'd need to drop iPhones or any Mac product, really. Who could resist?