Knows no Genus

Love can't be denied, man. Randy and BIG ELLA were friends for 10 years till one night, a few too many drinks, a strange goodbye turns into a passionate kiss. It was a mistake, of course, since they worked together, but especially for Randy. Given the later mauling, you see.

Speaking of, I love stupid debates about stupid stuff - like could astronauts defeat cavemen, if set in similar circumstances (out in nature, to fend for themselves)? Anyways, could a man defeat a bear in a fight? Let's start with a super huge ninja versus a smallish Black Bear and work our way up. Barehanded, of course. Or, with a big knife?

Could a man fight a lion, and win? Maybe. Maybe the strongest man in the world.
 Ask the Great Google about "Egyptian Man fights Lion". Hilarity to ensue.

Could this Egyptian Hercules defeat a Gorilla as well? Would you fight a gorilla, even if given no choice (like going to die anyway)?
Umm, no? Curling up into a ball and preparing to die would be a perfectly honorable - and Logical - response. Animals are strong, and we're relatively weak.

One thing we, as a species, do excel at in the Animal Kingdom: Sweating. We cool our bodies better than any other large animal and thus are capable of long periods of physical endurance, i.e. long distance running. We can literally chase down wildebeast et al, since, eventually, they must stop to cool down. And we'll keep coming.

Oh yeah, also our awesomely dangerous brains.


l.e.s.ter said...

Could astronauts beat cavemen at surviving in the wild? I'm guessing yes, but maybe that's eraist of me.

Redshirt said...

I'd actually bet on Cavemen. They'd be far better adapted to living primitively.