Damn, Dirty

A rare, alternate angle to the simian sexy internet classic:
"Cold, dead hands", Zira was to remark later.

Also, maybe you're now wondering: Has a person ever had sex with a monkey? Then you sadly realize that yes, according to the law of "If you can think of having sex with something, it's probably already been done", then, of course. Probably all the time. 

Or, maybe you weren't. Sorry!


Joey Polanski said...

It really isn't quite as bad

As surely it will sound;

But I have fooled and monkeyed and

I've even horsed around.

Redshirt said...

Sayeth Catherine The Great,
Lover of the Fine and Equine.

Blue Collared Snob said...

So Rick Santorum was almost right, it will lead to man/ape sex.