You're welcome, local star systems

Next time you wonder what we're doing here, what's the point, what could we ever accomplish, rest easy! Look above at all the great TV programming we're sharing with all the stars and planets around us. And we're just giving it away, for free, out of the kindness of our big, big hearts. 

And for a laugh, imagine some three eyed alien waiting for the next episode of The Brady Bunch and if the Bunch will find Cindy and Bobby, lost in the Grand Canyon. Spoiler Alert ZOG: They do. :(


l.e.s.ter said...

Ha! I hope they're enjoying The Lone Ranger at the Large Magellanic Cloud. Sounds a little like the set up for Galaxy Quest.

vera lynn said...

nope, you're both wrong...they're waiting for The Rockford Files and Barnaby Jones....jeepers...and if they are waiting on the Brady Bunch, it's the Hawaii episode. :)

Redshirt said...

Sorry, you're all wrong: Clearly a Sanford and Son marathon is most appealing to the residents of Rigel X.