From the diary of a madman

I scribbled this in between Rummy 500 games, and it reflects my take on the current thought in physics on the shape of the local spacetime bubble we live in (click for big). And remember: this is where we live, our home, our reality. There are also, no doubt, other spacetime bubbles, both separate from ours, and so far apart they can't ever be seen. And that too is our environment, our reality - our entire Universe might be just a bubble in sea of other bubbles in a higher dimension. But let's just focus on our Universe, our bubble.

In the picture above, 1. represents our expanding spacetime bubble, our Universe. From a conception point of infinite density and almost zero space, no time, all was born in an "explosion", then vast inflation. This expansion continues, and on the largest of scales, all matter is spreading apart. Give or take a trillion years and our Universe will be a vast bubble of emptiness, with all matter/energy degraded to it's least energetic, least dense form. Nothingness.

Simultaneously, in 2. above, as a subset of 1. gravity creates vast spiral depressions in spacetime, and at the largest scales these depressions encompass billions and billions of galaxies, and perhaps even more. Everything falling down, always orbiting something deeper in the hole. From the Earth we live perched on the edge of a Universal whirlpool, swirling ever further down - this is the inherent reality to all spacetime we could ever exist in. And remember, that with increasing gravity is slowing time, and thus time stops somewhere in our reality. But where....

Leading to 1a., purely hypothetical, which shows that at every black hole - and they get ever bigger and bigger - a new Universe is "Big Banged" out the other side, and thus expanding and creating stars and other black holes and galaxies and thus other Universes that "Big Bang" out of these black holes, so and such forever. This, too, is our reality, our environment, what we exist in. We are part of it all.

2a. is just a more basic illustration of the gravity well we're all and everything perched within, and you can think of it exactly like a great whirlpool in the ocean, and we're all spinning along at some level of it. Except of course this whirlpool exists at all points, all times in space. It's everywhere and everything. Falling.

The middle section graphs some divergent relationships - and that's what our reality, our very existence is all about: Imbalances. We exist because of imperfections, flaws in a perfect design. Because one side is hotter than another, because one little bit of space is denser than another, because there were basic imbalances at all levels of reality as we "Big Banged" these imbalances expanded as the Universe itself expanded, and became our reality of Motion - imbalance creates motion, as hot seeks the cold, less dense seeks the dense, high frequency seeks low... everything seeks the perfection of balance, I suppose. But if we ever get there, it will be in that trillion years hence when all matter/energy is spread out, completely and evenly throughout a vastly larger Universe. Nothingness. So who needs perfection? Embrace the imperfect, as it is the very reason we're here.

And thus we reach the end of a 40 minute quickie. I don't claim to propose anything new with this, just a summation of what I've gathered is current thought on "our reality".

Which, again, is just one of many. It's mind boggling to me when I consider the truth of our existence - so ever small, and yet, here we are, talking about it. Big big.

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