Some say in ice

Our brains are hard wired to see patterns, shapes, faces. What did you see here, the first time you looked at it?

How about here?

But then sometimes our brains, via our eyes, are presented with something that makes no sense, too abstract, too absurd, and it bypasses that identification channel:

And the absurd is a liberation.  Or a fortress, of solitude (yes, the google's source for Superman puns!).

Or a theory turned into visual metaphor:
This is Freudian, literally, to the Extreme. Not sure if it's correct, or even close to correct. Yet, there's something here that makes sense to me - do you have another voice in your head? One which often says things like "I'm not sure that's a good idea", or "Maybe we should sleep for a couple of hours before driving" or "Maybe you shouldn't eat that piece of cheese on the floor". Etc. I believe - hope! - we all do, and if so, I ask you: What is that voice? Or who?

Are we all schizophrenics? Or, is the idea of different personalities, different perspectives within the same "individual", the truth? Or a closer approximation thereof.


vera lynn said...

I'll take the bait.....the first thing I saw in the first picture was the hallway in my Kincade house....there you go again, in my head. And I think it's also like what I felt after my 'dream', our souls are learning and the other voices in my head (I choose to believe) are the parts of my soul that have seen that situation before. or felt those same feelings. or something.

Redshirt said...

I like your head, vera lynn. :) I dig where you're coming from - you're a seeker, and FSM knows this world needs more people like you.

Also, as a bonus, I believe being a seeker, staying curious, inquisitive, trying to figure out the "Why?" is the key to living a long and healthy life. You ever notice there's generally two types of old people: 1. Old people who have a youthful outlook, and 2. Old people who have given up and are old.

Number 1 will live longer, on average, and be happier while doing it. By keeping your mind open, you continue to learn, continue to develop your brain, which keeps it spry and fresh, and thus you remain vibrant and engaged, and thus more likely to be healthy, which translates directly to living longer.

Also, I assume you're referring to reincarnation? The notion that your soul has lived before in other lives, and will live on in another once you part from this world?

I don't know what to think of it. The science guy in me says no way, it's not possible. The mystic in me says, right on: It's at the root of theory of karma, and has some pseudo-scientific basis (energy, man).

But I don't know either way, though I have read every ancient mystical text on the matter - Egyptian AND Tibetan books of the dead. If I may sum them up: Avoid the red light!