Fireworks are simulated war, and war is death

Pop quiz, hot shot: Where in the world was this photo taken?

BZZT! London. The London Eye, in fact, during a recent New Years celebration. Quite spectacular, for stuffy olde England!

As pretty as fireworks can be, never lose sight of what they represent: War. A simulation of war, and simulations are almost always steps in the right direction - better to shoot off a bottle rocket than a mortar, eh?

But there's no good lesson here - no one learns anything about the horrors of war from a fireworks celebration, except occasionally for a burned fireworks technician. So, more work to be done!

Also, fireworks - that is, DRAMA! CONFLICT! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! is really the defining aspect of our reality. Without conflict, and the inevitable destruction that results, not much of anything would happen, ever. All would be balanced.

But with imbalances, pressures build up on one side and then demands an outlet. BOOM! Big excitement. And thus, the real benefits of fireworks, and other Breads and Circuses: Pressure releases.


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l.e.s.ter said...

Didn't gunpowder as a weapon evolve out of fireworks as a diversion? It is interesting, the human ability to take any invention and figure out a way to destroy with it. The airplane was barely more than a bicycle in 1908, and less than a decade later there were successful fighter aircraft.

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Redshirt said...

Thanks for all those awesome product offers, random anonymous bots!

To your point, LESTER, absolutely. Or fucking. Fighting or fucking sums up pretty much everything about humanity, and definitely our tech. War especially - what came first? The rock hammer or chisel, or the rock used to smash someone's skull?

It's genetic. We're pretty damn dangerous creatures.

I'm not consulting the internet on this, see how right/wrong I am: Gunpowder - or saltpeter - was invented in China, but was used very quickly as a weapon - primitive grenades. Also used for fireworks, but I believe that came much later. Not used in actual guns much, much later.

Hot air balloons were immediately used for spying/war purposes as well. I'm sure the wheel was too - the chariot was an awesome invention/war machine for the time.