The Traveler

"Odin the Traveler", (1886) by Georg Van Rosen.  Santa Claus like, but also like the hobo down at the 7-11, picking through trash. OR, of course, a distinguished old gentleman on a stroll through the countryside.

"Odin disguised as a Traveler", (1914) Artist Unknown. Note the awesome, Adidas like kicks.  This should of course remind you very much of the representation of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies, and book (to a degree). Tolkien made no bones about borrowing from all kinds of source Myths for his characters, background, language, etc. He was an awesome scholar after all and one can assume knew everything there was to know about the subject of Northern European (including England) Myth.

Also too:
- Internet, 2011, no other idea. Kinda cool, kinda cheesy.

I often bad mouth religions and I feel pretty strongly anti-religious in most regards, it's true. But I love Myth, and if it weren't for the Holy Rollers and Assorted Flandererssss.... I'd like Christianity just fine. As a myth, as a collection of tales from older times? Love it.

Infallibile word of God from on High and any who speak or go against it deserve to burn in everlasting HELLFIRE? Fuck off!

And as far as Myth goes, Norse mythology is some of the best. So much tragedy!


vera lynn said...

me too! you're in my head again.....myths are so much better.

Redshirt said...

Religion is simply a myth enforced by the society at large. No Falwell type takes Greek Mythology seriously, or even Hindu mythology, but their own? OH! That's all the TRUTH!

It should be obvious to anyone with a discerning mind that when everyone's saying the other guy has it wrong, it's likely they're both wrong.