You spin me right round

Deep thoughts Brahs and Brahettes: There's no "up" in space, no "down". These directional words are only meaningful in the presence of gravity, and strong gravity at that (for instance, these ISS astronauts are still technically within Earth's gravity, and would fall back to Earth eventually if not corrected for). 

So, in the last two posts, quite simply I think, I've shown how gravity is necessary for time, and for orientation. Think about the 4 dimensions we live in: 1. Up/down, 2. Back/Forward, 3. Side/side, and 4, and newest, Time. 

All are defined by gravity. Hmm...


vera lynn said...

how far up does gravity go?

Redshirt said...

Good question, and weirdly, one I answered before I even saw your question! Synchronicity! The direct answer to your question is: Forever. There's no end to the gravity well we exist in, since ultimately, it encompasses our entire universe. But practically speaking, you could go to a region of space far enough away from any stars and you'd essentially be free of gravity. And from our human perspective, if you were out past the orbit of the moon, you'd be mostly free of gravity as well, though it is still there.

vera lynn said...

a most incredible existence. a pale blue dot indeed. and I love Synchronicity....when you notice it, it's like the whole world becomes brighter. :)

Redshirt said...

I've heard some theories claim everything is synchronous; you only notice it though from time to time. If true, then a goal of living should be to recognize the synchronicity more and more often.

vera lynn said...

you can create it....I used to be able to. it was incredible. you may think I am crazy, but read The Celestine Prophecy and synchronicity was a byproduct for me. Even after reading, if you focus, you can make it happen. it really is cool.
Next book to read will be that one....I could use the uplift. :)

Redshirt said...

See, I don't think you can "create" (or "destroy") anything, really. All you can do is discover something that already existed.

If everything is synchronous, than everything has already happened, AND everything that has happened in our "past" is happening too.

This is scientifically plausible, believe it or not. It's theorized that on the surface of the black hole, everything that has been sucked into it is frozen, forever.

Now, picture the biggest black hole you can imagine - one bigger than many billions of galaxies; perhaps a black hole like this IS our Universe - its creation was our Big Bang, and everything that has happened in our Universe since has been a development in this ginormous black hole.

While we perceive TIME, in reality, everything in the black hole experiences no time. No space, no time, yet infinite mass.

That said, I've read The Celestine Prophecy. I remember liking it, but don't recall much about it now.

vera lynn said...

I stand corrected with 'create'....but you get my point. now my head hurts. :)

Redshirt said...

I just think it's so mind boggling that time runs at different speeds based on the strength of gravity (AKA the curvature of space, and space is really spacetime, hence the effect on time). For real: An atomic clock on the top of Mt. Everest will run faster than an identical clock in Death Valley. It's by a minuscule amount, granted, but measurable.

With more extreme gravity, time slows ever further. And so on, till, literally, it stops, in the black hole.

It blows my mind everytime I think about it too.