I may be a midget in a motorized wheelchair, but...

... at least I'm not black. Sigh. Probably what this guy is thinking, feeling, and has been thinking for a long time. No doubt he's had a tough life, but it's hard to feel sympathy for someone who is so misguided. I mean, it's understandable - people get into all kinds of things in order to feel the bliss that is belonging, that is feeling like you have a place. Doesn't matter what the thing is, mostly. But not all the time.

When you are actively espousing intolerance towards others - any others - you've crossed the line. I've long toyed with this idea: A good rule for living - a good basis for a religion, in fact - is tolerance to all. Except, alas, for the intolerant. Allowing the intolerant to actively work against the tolerant is like allowing a cancer to do whatever it wants, because "its alive too". Maybe, but by letting it live, you die. By allowing intolerance to bloom, tolerance is inhibited. 

Thus, defenders of tolerance must be intolerant towards the intolerant. Puzzling, is it not?

Also, fuck the KKK.


motorized wheelchair said...

Wow cool......Hmp! Are you celebrating a halloween?

Redshirt said...

That's not actually me.

amber said...

Just FYI this is not a KKK meeting it is a holiday in Spain......The Holy Week tradition in Seville, Spain is well known throughout the world. The most common image is that of the nazareno, seen on the left, the penitential robe used throughout many of the processions. The distinctive capirote (hood) is used to mask people's identities while they ask for penance. The hood has been re-appropriated by hate groups; however its origins are that of repentance and forgiveness.

Redshirt said...

Wow, that's some serious learnin'. Thank you, sincerely. It's not surprising that modern day hate groups would appropriate long standing traditions and fashions in service to their evil deeds.

Thank you for the information. :)