Fire in the Snow

There's something about a fire in the snow that is so appealing to me. It's probably all the contrasts that can be temporarily reconciled. Cold/hot, wet/burning, despair/hope, etc. Its a nice metaphor, and a life saving tool.

As such, to build a fire in the snow (thank you, Survivorman), you need to focus on two important things: Preparing a foundation on which to burn the fire. Here, they have a pit. You might not be so lucky. You need to separate the fire from direct contact with the snow. For example, you could dig a deep, wide hole in the snow, and fill it with wet wood/live pine branches, then build your fire on top of that. Two: Wet wood is hard to burn, so take care to choose the driest wood you can find. If it's a deep winter scene, you might have to dig into a piece of wood in order to get through the wet exterior. You could shave dry wood out of a dead branch to use for kindling, and once you get it hot enough, burn as normal.

Gondolin will have many fire pits - formal pit, camping pit, and I'm thinking of building a winter pit. It's also fun to say "Winter Pit".

Also too:
This pretty flower is known as a cistus, and also goes by the name of "Snow Fire". Pretty!


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