Falling from Heaven

Can you feel the pain about to happen? Science fact! New techniques are showing how certain areas of the brain "light up" when the person is shown specific types of images. For example, with images of this type (falling, etc), the mind simulates the actual act and little panic lights flash on all over the brain, and this is a measurable and predictable phenomena.

Point being, soon enough, mind reading machines will be here. Get ready - I recommend a mind training technique where you learn to lie to yourself, convincingly.


l.e.s.ter said...

Interesting -- one of the explanations for the utility of dreaming is that it allows the brain to work through panic and anxiety situations, dry runs where all the neurons fire and the only distinction is that the limbs don't move. Maybe this brain simulation serves a similar purpose? Also, duuuuuuude. Is there an after image for this?

Redshirt said...

Oh, it's not a simulation. Using MRI scanners they can see parts of the brain light up in specific ways to specific types of images. Therefore, they have a basic ability to predict what a person is thinking of by monitoring the flashes of activity - say the test subject is asked to think of one of 10 images, and then the scientists guess which one they are thinking of, based on the electrical patterns in a specific part of the brain.

Also, no, I don't have anything else. I have to assume the dude got wrecked.

I like the kid taking a photo in the lower left - he's got a sweet shot!