It doesn't have to make sense

It's from the intertube - it doesn't have to make sense. Which made me think: The absurd is funny because our brains recognize that it doesn't make sense and we don't have to try and figure it out, and this provides a great relief to our brain since it spends so many countless hours trying to figure out why all kinds of stupid stuff is happening (stupid stuff that is probably absurd yet we won't accept that). This relief translates as laughter, which has other beneficial effects as well - indeed, one could view laughter as the mind self-medicating.

Not to say we can't derive meaning from the reality around us, just that, rather, perhaps we need not try and find meaning in everything. Like the bumper sticker says, sometimes shit happens, and that's all that can really be gleaned from the event. 


l.e.s.ter said...

That picture is amazing. I love the collective's use of the wolves and moon shirt. I think I might like this shot as much as Darth Vader and the Brita filter.

Redshirt said...

Yeah, it's a funny thing, this internet, and how meme can add to meme to create something funny, but absurd. I think there are later versions of this picture that have a lot more crap in them, but sometimes you can have too many memes!