Why I Love the Intertubes, Part 18

This is one of the aspects of the Webbytubes I love best: Someone, somewhere in the world, finds or makes something funny (in this case, the original Jesus with Constitution painting). Then, a bunch of people mock it and satirize it, with ever increasing skill and detail, until a few days later, whammo: You have Cthulhu givin' the Word. There will no doubt be more parodies to follow -- I'm waiting for the Flying Spaghetti Monster version, which I am 100% sure is coming.

This is but one example of the constant dialectic occurring on the Internet via blogs and discussion boards. It's a truly revolutionary form of communication for humanity, and kicks up our potential by several degrees. Kudos, Al Gore!


Anonymous said...

Flying Spaghetti Monster? Ask and you shall receive:

Redshirt said...

Thank you! Loved it.