Another Clue We Are In Bizzaro World

This here gold is the Nobel Prize. Our great President Obama just won the Peace Prize, which is an incredible honor. I don't know if he was the best candidate or not, but since it's not good times for peace, he's probably the best choice, for no other reason than his mere presence as President has helped changed the world's direction towards peace, and away from the insanity of the Repuglicans.

But! Mark my words: Every Wingnut news source, blogger, propagandist, etc, will rail against this, rail against the Nobel committee, rail against Europeans, rail against Peace. It's a pretty clear sign of how fucked up and upside down these nutjobs are. But even more importantly, watch how the MSM picks up these nutjob critiques and make that the news. That's our problem right now: The Mainstream Media enthralled to a very small minority of crazy people. Unfortunately, these crazies are backed by real money, and by ruthless, evil people. I don't know how we will break out of this dilemma anytime soon.

Regardless, way to go Obama!

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