Strangely, and once again, Maine's two Senators wield enormous influence in the Senate, especially so in comparison to the number of people they represent. This happened back in the 90's with Sen. Mitchell and Cohen, but this time the influence comes from the apparent fact that Sen. Snowe and Collins are pretty much the only Republicans in the Senate who can be counted on to negotiate in good faith. And as such, they have influence.

Apparently, Sen. Snowe just voted to let some Baucus Bill go to the Senate floor. It's all arcane Senate Wizard rules in my opinion, and I have not been paying much attention to the health care debate, since:
1. Most facts in the news are lies.
2. Obama wants it. I trust he will make it happen.

So, I think this vote is good news, or it could all be a trap. Nonetheless, witness a giant snowoman!

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