Make way for the Public Option!

Harry Reid done just told me that that there Public Option (with a state opt-out) will be in the Senate version of the Health Care reform bill. Yay! This is big news, because it was Harry Reid and the Senate who were the real threats to the PO. Now that it's officially in there, it's only a matter of time (IMO!) before the Public Option becomes a reality.

Due to heavy doses of Repuglican FUD, many people don't know what the Public Option is. Well here you go, it's very simple: If you wanted to, you could purchase (with your money!) health insurance from a Government run agency. That's it. You then use that health insurance wherever a doctor or hospital accepts it (which I assume will be the vast majority). Due to the available pool of subscribers, AND (most importantly!), the Government will not be running the PO as a profit center, costs should be relatively low. Note, this is not a "government takeover of medicine", there are no "government doctors" you'll have to see, etc, etc.

Now, the real wonderful dynamic to this, in my opinion AND from my perspective, is this will not only break the Insurer's monopoly in health insurance, and thus reduce costs/increase service for everyone, but it means you (and I!) don't have to be tied to a company's health care plan anymore. I don't know much about this subject as I've been luckily healthy most of my life, but I've always assumed if I did not have a job, I would not have health care, end of story.

With the PO, however, I could choose to purchase insurance even with no employer, or self-employed. I'm no longer chained to one company - freedom of labor: It's what Captialists say they want (shocker of course the Repugs are against this, right?).

So, join me, won't you? In the future, when we can all be insured, and then follow our respective crazy dreams.

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