Ah, Repuglicans -- it seems there's little they can actually do right. Yesterday - a great day in political comedy on many fronts - featured the rollout of the new GOP website. It was a spectacular failure, across the board - from the laughable content, to the numerous technical issues, to the security issues (they posted admin passwords) to.... well, it's across the board.

And it reminded me, very succinctly, how terrible they've become at everything. Which makes sense since they have devalued intellect over faith and "proper thinking". And this led to a warm, comforting thought: It's just gonna get worse and worse and worse for them, until they fundamentally change.

Well, there's ZERO signs any fundamental change is on the way. So, strap yourselves in, sports fans, as the next 3 years are gonna be a laff-riot.

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