Confederacy of Morans

Something you'll rarely read in the MSM is the truth about the Repuglican party: It's almost entirely a Southern party. So, when you see national polls about this issue or that, just remember that. For example, here's a fresh poll which asks folks what their opinion of the GOP is. Here's the results by region:

Republican Party favorability

Fav Unfav

All 21 67

South 48 37
NE 6 87
Midwest 10 78
West 12 75

Striking, yes? So, not only are the National numbers absolute trash, but they conceal an even harsher truth: Outside of the defeated Confederacy, the Repuglicans are as popular as an STD.

And yet! They are given a national platform in the media that far outweighs their popularity or representation. Every story has to have a "Conservative" opinion; there are entire news corporations dedicated to this incredibly small and hateful minority; on and on.

We're living in some hallucination right now, but it's clearing. Do your part. Speak to this truth.


l.e.s.ter said...

That image exceeds your already very high standards.

Anonymous said...

It's from the Redneck Olympics!