White Power

Intro - The Swastika.
The Swastika was a very popular symbol around the world in the early 1900's, before the NAZI's ruined it. But even more so, the swastika is a very old symbol from India, dating back over 6000 years at least. It had nothing to do with white people, or a supreme race. For eons it was a positive symbol of good luck, fortune, life, and happiness. It had entirely positive connotations for its entire history, until the NAZI's. Boy did they suck - and they were so weird! Influenced heavily by the occultism of the late 1800's - early 1900's, such as
The Thule Society. Heck, the Thule Society birthed the proto-NAZI party. And it was with the Thule/NAZI's and the subsequent Holocaust which ruined the symbol. Such that now, if you you want to prove how bad and dangerous you are, how much into "WHITE POWER" you are, just whip it out.
Gay NAZI weddings are the best NAZI weddings, none of which these days are very good, but if you had to choose! What a cute wedding cake! And soon enough, more GAY NAZI BABIES!
A whole basket full of white supremacists from Florida. How come white supremacists never seem very superior?
Powerful pic of an EMT who just got fired due to his activities in a Skinhead group. Being a Skinhead is frowned upon in polite society these days, and that reality is a fact that agitators use to rile up the dumber, more hateful white people into mutual interest clubs. White Power! When it's obviously a defense mechanism, a herding of people who feel threatened by a multicultural world, who don't have much and only a dim anger as to why. "The Other"! say the Rightwing hatemongers, and so we have Skinheads and White Supremacists.

But rest easy, Skinhead! White People still have plenty of power, don't you worry!
Racism was essentially invented in America and has been used since our founding to keep poor white AND black people at each other's throats. Racism is a powerful tool of the "Divide and Conquer" trade, and it's the primary tool these days of the twisted Republican Party.

Take heed!


Matthew Rooyakkers said...

I'm not advocating intolerance but you're views suggest you're a sheep who doesn't think independently.

Redshirt said...

How so friend?

Anonymous said...

You need to actually do your research on a lot of things. Also, I am a skinhead but not a nazi bonehead, there is a major difference and traditional skinheads were black and white and listened to reggae, so stop calling these people skinheads unless you designate they are nazi/ white power skinhead. They are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT. You are disrespecting millions by not separating the two.

dood... said...

"Racism was essentially invented in America" the only line you need to read in this entire post to know the author has no idea what he is talking about.