The Future and The Past

Here it is! Every liberal gun grabber's nightmare: The printed gun. Open source, anyone can do it. That is, as long as you have access to a 3D printer and don't mind taking the risk that the first shot will blow up in your face. But those are just kinks, which will be worked out of the system. In short order, we'll all be able to print armories of guns, every day. Then, we shall truly know freedom, as taught to us from the past:
It was guns that allowed Washington to defeat the zombie British and found America!
It was a Mecha suit, with lots of guns, that allowed FDR to defeat the Axis and conquer the world!
And even so, it was guns that got Slick Willie a hummer.

So, as you can see, guns are the cause of all greatness, freedom, and awesomeness. Except when Obama holds one.
Thankfully, Dutch and Mac are there to cover for the gun grabber in chief.

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