The All Seeing Eye

You might tag and smash a few, but the effort is ultimately futile. The cameras are only going to proliferate, in dramatic fashion. Soon enough there will be public cameras so small and cheap they'll be everywhere. The computer programs able to read the happenings on all the cameras will come along, and there will no escape.

So, until then, enjoy some British graffiti:
The cameras will not only be the Government's but also too the stores and not just the businesses but homes - right now, as you read, you can pay to have a security company install cameras in your house that they are, indeed, able to monitor 24/7. If you call them in an emergency, ostensibly, for now. Later? Or when needed? Always on.
For the children, of course - don't you want to keep your kids safe from murdering Eurasians? Then years go by, technology gets cheaper and better, and whammo! Total surveillance state.
Read 1984. Don't vote RANDPAUL.

Or any Republican, if you value your freedom - literally.

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