A Meme is Born!

Verily, no sooner did the Internet gaze upon Henry and his Rasta Banana than in an instant, a meme was born. How could it not be so?
A cool celebrity jumped on board early. Snoop's the best, by the way.
Who doesn't like happy life sized Rasta Bananas? No one, that's who.
A rocket to the top! Everyone loves Rasta Banana!
Maybe a little too much. You know what, this Rasta Banana meme is kinda old and played out. Next!
Old memes lie abandoned in the wastelands of our Internet streets, forgotten and swept up along with all the other trash. So long, Rasta Banana, you were funny for a little bit!


l.e.s.ter said...

Wow -- an entire lifecycle of a meme! From Snoop Lion to the gutter. Will it become a nostalgic thing for the kids, with a brief second life in twenty years?

Redshirt said...

In the future, the only nostalgia will be ironic.

frankie van rankin said...

Nooooooo. Who did this to youuuu