But for Humanity's sake

Check this out in detail if you would. It's filled with amazing propaganda. Let it open your eyes to the seeming fact Republicans have been lying Imperialists since at least 1900. But it was not always so, right?
Honest Abe might be the only good Republican, ever. And he was basically the first. So, let's call it a fluke and accept the general evilness that is the Republican Party of these United State of America. And don't throw Teddy at me - he's in the poster above!

But so what, right? Both sides do it, and it's really the corporations and global elite who control both parties, and everything in this world.
Maybe? I do fear the MTV Goons from busting down my door. I'd be all like "NO! Why didn't you just keep playing music videos?! And video shows like 'Yo! MTV Raps'?!" As they bundled me off for Real World: Guantanamo.

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