Adventures with White Folk

A man goes to the carnival and tries his hand at bucket toss, and keeps trying, and keeps trying - you can't quit till you win, right? This is America!
Yup, he bet everything on his skill at a carny game, and lost. Out of sympathy, the kind hearted carny gave him the Rasta Banana for his troubles. But Henry here instead is outraged and gets the cops involved, on the poor, hardworking carny - he was cheated! No way he coulda lost that many times in a row! No police investigation is underway at this time, however.
And so instead Henry tries to cash in on his temporary Internet fame as a schmuck, trying to sell the Rasta Banana to the highest bidder. Once again, America!

Also too:
Hey lady, I done just threw this truck up yonder tree, and now I stand here barechested askin' for your hand to dance.

Tune in next week for another exciting Adventure with White Folk!

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