Not Illegal Yet

Babs is going to have a talk with the usher during intermission - how did a Negro get seated in her section?!
Not yet, but soon. Once the FEMA camps are running and the Death Panels adjudicated.
Yes, being white is not illegal yet, thanks to the tireless efforts of Freepers and other armchair warriors. Behold, their Leader!
Jim Robinson, founder and Grand Poobah of, a terrible, evil website of old cranky white people revealing their inner most evil, Republican thoughts. Fun fact - JimRob raises more than 300K a year to run the site. The internet detectives figure it costs about 15K a year to run the website, and thus.... a 285K salary for JimRob, and son. Nice grift, right? But this is what Republicanism is all about these days: The grift. Of people, of a nation, of the world.
Not grifters, but like remora, legions of grifters follow in their wake, suckling on the power. So much power - too much?

Don't worry - it's diluted more each and every single day.


l.e.s.ter said...

Speaking of grift...Payday Loans! Although H.W. is not looking so good. All those years of clean-living are not currently paying off.

Redshirt said...

He's 88. He's had a good run.

l.e.s.ter said...

Reptillians never age all that well.

Redshirt said...

Though they molt, they live on.

Did you know Prescott Bush (H.W.'s Dad) was involved in a plot to overthrow the US Government? Fun story!

l.e.s.ter said...

I do know that story. Good thing he wasn't a Democrat -- he'd have hell to pay.