Tomorrow's Women

A logical next step - some hands free computing device. Glasses are a sensible design since you need to be able to see it. Maybe something on the wrist could work too, Dick Tracy style. Michelle Bachman's on the bleeding edge, however, and that should give us all pause.
Future technology will be far more powerful. Too powerful? Can we trust people with technology that can cause mayhem with the push of a button? Of course we can't! But that won't stop us. Push it!
Antarctica party scene - a new thing for the super rich and the uber rich. Soon enough the ice will melt back far enough to open up resorts and what not. Yay, capitalism! The button has been pushed, our machines are melting the ice, killing all the creatures, ripping down all the forests, digging up all the earth. We're the Destroyers, woman!
But also of course the future, and all life. Yay, life! And boo, testicular cancer!

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