Never give up!

It's not that the Republican "brain trust" hasn't been trying to create the next Reagan. W. was a real serious attempt - witness the phony ranch in Crawford - but alas!
The incompetence was too great for even the Media to spin as a success, and apart from the 27%, Bush is widely seen as a tremendous failure. But you don't quit the game! You keep playing!
Palin is a more organic (that is, from the Teabag bottom up rather than from the elites on high) version of the same phenomena, but even somehow more incompetent, and thankfully we still reside in a reality where competence counts for something.
A pic from the governor's meeting with then President elect Obama. Oh, how she must have burned!

Again, the horizon seems free of anything approaching charismatic base competence in the Republican future, in terms of both leadership and ideas. This is all they have left:
Mockery and bad memes. And this is their version of a LOL meme now - posing with an empty wine glass. Ha!
Gay Republicans - is there anything funnier?

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