Redshirt's Lament 2013 Top 11 Predictions!

Manhattanhenge - a twice yearly event in NYC around May 28th and July 12. On these two days the sun rises and sets aligned with the East-West streets, causing many hands to be raised to eyes those days, I assure you. Manhattenhenge can be predicted - thousands of years into the future, if you wanted to - because of science! We've observed patterns in nature then expanding these observations with theories tested through experiments producing something closer to Truth.  And so with those lofty thoughts, here are my completely unscientific predictions for 2013. In no particular order:

1. US government shutdown in March, Republicans hold country hostage
2. Worldwide economic stagnation, marginal US growth
3. More mass shootings! Still not the right time to talk about gun control
4. Western retreat from Afghanistan accelerates with many European countries departing, in addition to large US troop withdrawals.
5. Comet Ison in November brings out the freaks - it's going to be epically bright.
6. On Mars, Curiosity discovers strong evidence for past life on the once wet planet.
7. More and even cooler Exoplanets. Note that as each year passes and Kepler watches the same stars, unceasingly, we'll find better and better planets, since it takes time for planets with bigger orbits to be discovered. These first 800 are just the appetizers.
8. More crazy weather! Monster Tornadoes! Epic Hurricanes! Crushing Droughts! Massive Floods! I've been reading some scary doom and 'n gloom predictions, so batten down and review your insurance now.
9. US Sports Winners: Patriots/Oklahoma City/Anaheim Angels of the City of Los Angeles/Hockey? LOL.  Women's MMA becomes ironically popular.
10. Django Unchained wins all the Academy Awards
11. Redshirt comes across a black bear in the woods - it has to happen one day, I reckon.

Tune in next year at this time to see how I did. Till then, here's MIThenge:

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Already suck. Boo!