Bill Clinton Fan-o-Gram

I kinda bad mouthed Bill Clinton in the last post. I don't take it back, and there's more, but I also wanted to state for the record how much I like Bill Clinton as President and as former President, and as a person. For the following reasons:

1. He's self made - Daddy long gone, raised by his not rich Mom and Grandparents. Like Barack Obama, I'd add.
2. He's motivated and intelligent, personable and funny.
3. He's a lover. Check out this incredible shot of Bill and a young, hot Hill. What a couple - their relationship goes back all the way.
4. He's got great hair.
5. He worked his way to the top.
6. He knows history.
7. He's aged well.
Insert your own love (and internet macro) for William Jefferson Clinton if you would, or will. Some - plenty - won't. To them I say, c'mon! Dude's awesome, even if you don't agree with his policies. You're telling me you wouldn't want to have a beer with Bill Clinton?

LIAR! Or teetotaler.  Either way, pshaw!


Anonymous said...

I think he has the most beautiful hands. I also think he is aware of this, he always makes sure they are on screen when he speaks.

I would watch a speech of his just for the hands. I hope he has had a mold made of them.


Redshirt said...

Ha! I can't say I ever gave a single thought to Bill Clinton's hands until your post. But now I have! Thank you for the new thoughts!