One to One

Guess this moon. Winner gets a cyber pat on the imaginary back.
Green circled areas are confirmed water ice locations on this moon. Red circles proposed locations, not yet confirmed.
We've crashed our probes into this moon just to watch the explosion. Heh.
It's got some nice mountains, though the skiing is not great.

Give up yet?
Our Moon - Luna! Hooray! Without her we'd not be here, and perhaps no life at all upon this planet. The importance of a large, single moon is immeasurable for Earth. Thanks for everything, Moon!

Our moon is most likely the resut of a titanic collision between the proto-earth and a Mars sized planet (now part of the Earth and Luna), and it is in large part because of this collision and subsequent reformation of the large iron core in Earth, and the large and stable moon, that has led directly to you and me being here, in splendor.


l.e.s.ter said...

Luna. I'd know her anywhere. Love the space station silhouette floating past. What's up with the Nany the Gavek, tho?

Redshirt said...

LOL. Good old Nany the Gavek? No idea. I think I was hacked by tongue speaking demons.