3 Gifs and a McNaughton

Sorry for you dial up users - I'm one of them, so "I feel your pain". But this moment is just too awesome not to record for posterity. Imagine being in his shoes, at all, but especially right then. And to be able to step back and appreciate it - this significance. The awesomeness. BHO is one incredible dude. With an incredible family:
Would have been a sweet picture, but Malia Photo Bomb! Which will also be an awesome picture if we ever get to see it, but different. Love the timing of Michelle looking back to just miss it.
That's some world class eyerolling, yet diplomatic as well. Nicely done. Fret not, however, the Wingnuts will be replaying this for years as further proof of how terrible these Obama's are. Cuz they're always wrong, and usually racist, and just so shockingly ignorant.
The latest McNaughton, depicting the furthering of America into Demonrat tyranny. As usual, it's hilarious for being so wrong. Check it - Abe Lincoln's all down with the Gipper. They were both Republicans, don't you know. It's the Democrats that are the party of slavery.  You'd think he's being insincere to pull in money from gullible wingnuts (and I'm sure he's pulling in the money), but you'd be wrong. They believe all manner of nonsense and doublethink. It's one of the defining features of modern Conservatism. That and being a mark for any con artist who wants to take your money.

Here's to four more years of dealing with the dangerously insane!


l.e.s.ter said...

Dial up?? Speaking of dangerously insane...

Redshirt said...

21st century dial up - cellular internet. Gondolin is too remote for your fancy "high speed".