Greater Wingnuttia

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson scooting out of Romney HQ on election night. So much money spent, for naught. But what does that matter to billionaires? Plenty more where that came from. And plenty of wingnuts to grift and be grifted from.
Jim Robinson, founder of Rumored to be very rich from his website. If you want a direct insight into the wingnut brain, spend a few hours on the site. You'll look into the darkest soul of man. Crazy as heck too. And dumb.
There's lots of talk of secession these days. Isn't that odd?
It's dudes like this who are the reason we can't have nice things. At least without some epic fight. But hey yeah everyone's got the right to have their say, dumb/paranoid as it might be.
LOL America!


SatanicPanic said...

Sheldon Adelson- why doesn't that man just retire and jerk off or something? What's the point at his age anyway?

Redshirt said...

Power. The ability to control hordes of other people. It's narcotic.