Presidents meet Rock Stars

The gold standard, of course. But there's so many more!
It's Jerry Ford with George Harrison and the dude with the best afro in history!
From the pilot episode of "Hangin' with the Prez!", Willie Nelson and Gang meet up with President Jimmy Carter to put an end to littering! Also, many years later at the reunion show:
President Carter busts out his lucky harmonica and they jam out like olden times. Good times, before the dark times. Before, Michael.
MJ hears the babbled requests of President and First Lady Reagan - they're olds, you see, and don't get what MJ is all about. They were ordered to appease His Royal Gloved One. Cuz Michael owned the 80's. This is a Pete Souza, by the by, who takes most of the cool shots you see of Obama over the past 4.5 years.
Nah gonna do'it. Wouldn't be prudent. Bush Sr. met no cool rock stars, by the way, cuz he was a big wimp.
Pearl Jam and Big Dog. You know shit went down after this photo - grunged out mosh pit right there in the Oval Office.  Awesome!
W., like all Republicans, was still in thrall to MJ, even after he turned into a scary crow monster. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
So cool.

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