For Gondolin!

Ancient Greek war mask, with form fitting face behind. War has led to a good percentage of human evolution - both in body and technology. Death is the ultimate motivator. For Gondolin! For your dreams!
The 3rd leg of the grand stream, draining Gondolin of stagnant waters and all possibility of flooding. Little round rocks collected for weeks, piled in stacks, laid across the established channel. Erosion prevention is the aim. Beauty a secondary concern.
But it is a concern. Beautiful, is it not?
The water must flow.


AbstruseOddity said...

Hey RedShirt, hope all is well. Is Gondolin your home? I suppose I missed some key info on the project. Also, begin the begin is a great post.

Redshirt said...

Hi! I'm doing well, hope the same for you. Yes indeed, Gondolin is my home. I've only made a few posts on it, most of them in the past few weeks, so you haven't missed much. I've done a ton of landscaping recently.

Thanks for the kind words.