Fear and Terror

Almost a planet, Phobos (Fear) got deformed and twisted, multiple impacted, rent hither and sent yonder out from wherever it was formed. To be caught in Martian gravity, and become a moon. And so you now know the two types of moons: Planetoids, and captured asteroids.
Deimos (Terror) looks like an embryo, floating in the great yonder. Remarkably free of impact craters. But like Phobos, just a captured asteroid.
Click for big - the proportional size and distance of the two moons of Mars. These moons are asteroids, of course, captured somehow long ago by Martian gravity and in orbit ever since. But not forever - each satellite is destined to crash into Mars, and how cool will that be when Fear and Terror destroy the God of War? Peace.
Phobos - the logical home of any future man mission to Mars. For, it is far easier to launch craft from Phobos towards the surface of Mars than from Earth. And it is easy for craft from Earth to reach Phobos in orbit. Win-Win for everyone. Phobos, to the future!
Check out them striations! The fact is, these asteroids as moons make up most of the moon count in the solar system. Should they count? Or should only proper spheres? If spheres only, Saturn wins for most moons. And perhaps Jupiter has reason to worry...

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