Imagine if you will

The Democratic President's Club! In Heaven? Wingnuts will say Hell, of course, because they're stupid wa-wa babies. Also, you can tell Andrew Jackson is the real card of this club - check out them duds. Jackson!

Funny, sweet, kinda lame, yet kinda cool, all wrapped up in kitsch. Perfect. Now, imagine this far less jovial alternate reality:
Team Incompetent actually had this page posted on their public website prior to the election concluding. Perfect example of a picture being worth a thousand - or a few hundred million - words. Soak it in and imagine the horror that COULD have been.
Do you? Bro?

And now consider the "Republican Bench". It only gets shallower. 2016 might well feature Dead Ron Paul (as in "Weekend at Bernies") and Orly Taitz.

As bad as these Wingnuts have been, don't fool yourself: They can always get worse.

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