Male Mammals will be Male Mammals

Pick a mammal species and odds are the males are douchebags to some degree, engaging in all sorts of stupid behaviors - seriously, like those stupid rams that just smash each other up. Can't y'all get along?

Above, a male elephant kills a big iguana just for the hell of it - he won't eat it. Dick.

Murder, violence, war, these are the gifts of male mammals upon the world, while, almost uniformly, the females of all mammal species do most of the work, raise the children, feed the males.

This male mammalian douchebaggery is so consistent one must presume it is genetic, traced back to an ancient ancestor. To what end, evolution only knows!


l.e.s.ter said...

Pretty douchey, sure. But how stupid an iguana do you have to be to get killed by an elephant?

Redshirt said...

Pretty dumb. Evolution at work!

Anonymous said...

Actually, that looks like a female Asian Elephant