On Civil Society

Liberals and their secular, decadent, abortion loving ways are ruining America and her God fearing traditions. When you take Religion out of society and throw babies out in the trash you leave us with little option to fight back. Liberals started this battle, and Christian Conservatives will finish it.
Well now, that might be a bit overstated. As enumerated in the Constitution, separation of Church and State-
The Constitution said no such thing! The Founders were God fearing Christians who were guided by Jesus to write the hallowed Constitution of these here states, and I'll be damned if I hear another LIBERAL LIE about such a sacred document!
And we'll have to leave it there, as we're out of time. I'd like to thank both my guests, Professor Dog and Doug Dog. Tune in next week to "Both Sides Do It" when we'll have as our main guest retired General Dog.

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