Now What Atheists?

Stolen by atheists, no doubt. Since everyone knows atheists are inherently evil - how could they not be, denying the Lord? How can an atheist be moral without a God (via rich men in fancy clothes) to tell them what to do?

Hogwash, you might say. Well, consider this:
Case closed, right?

But seriously, a real question: How often do you see atheism actively expressed in a positive fashion in any form of mainstream media? Almost never it seems like.

I'm not an atheist by the way, but it's really just a semantical matter. For, what is God? What if our reality is a computer simulation - would the programmer of said simulation be God? What if our entire universe is but a bubble in a vast sea of another Universe - would a lifeform from that Universe be God? I could go on, but it's all sophistry. God as defined by our ancient ancestors - who knew little about the Universe - is supernatural, creator of ALL (including other Universes), and yet somehow strangely vested in judging everything we do and punishing those who stray from their murky, metaphorical instructions? I don't buy any of that whatsoever, and I'd be labeled an ATHEIST by any Holy Roller. So sure, I'm an atheist. Whatever, really.

And that's my position on God: Whatevs. I don't really care, in a metaphysical sense. I love myth more than most, and I can dig any cultural traditions that foster compassion and love, and if a religion can provide that, cool. But when instead religions prey on the weak and old and dull, enthralling them under spiritual yoke and threats of damnation, I say nay! I will stand against.

There's a war going on in America, in the Middle East, across the World in the name of religion, all supposedly about God. It would be laughable if not so tragic, for we are threatening our very sustainability on this planet by Science deniers. They would force myth on everyone instead of Science and education. And that must be fought, to the inch, for that way lies the DARK AGES, and I'm not down with that. Are you down with that?

What now religion?
What will you do when you have neither scripture nor science to back you up?

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